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Drs. Swafford and Gandolfi

At My Eye Xpert  we have two Doctors, Dr. Gandolfi and Dr. Swafford. Now I have worked for these two for about two and a half years and I really never thought to ask them why. Why did they decided to become eye doctors? Why did they decide to leave the comfort of a chain optical and open their own practice? I also never asked the hows either, you know, how long did it take them to decide to become EYE doctors and not another type, or how long did it take them to find this office and start up their business?

Well now that I had thought about asking these questions I really had to go and get the answers, which as some of you may know is actually harder than it sounds as they are constantly on the move, They not only have this business here, they travel to other optical’s to coach them on how to best help their patients. Plus they have their own outside things, Dr. Swafford teaches multiple classes at the gym Fit Nation, and Dr. Gandolfi helps coach the Lakes Football team.

When I asked Dr. Swafford, I got a really good understanding of who he is as a person and when I asked Dr. Gandolfi I understood just how much he really thinks about his answers (lol). So I’m going to lay them out like an interview and you can decide which Dr. you’d like best (they are both fantastic if you as me).


Q: What Made you decide to be an Eye Doctor?

Swafford: ” I was originally going to be a psychologist, but I realized early on that I was too empathetic to another persons plight, I was unable to emotionally disconnect. So during my freshman year of College I actually made my switch.”  ” I still really wanted to help people but I knew I couldn’t do psychology so I looked into optical because it gave me the ability to help patients and get to know them but mostly still be able to give good news, don’t get me wrong there are still the times when I have to give bad news but they aren’t nearly as often as you’d think.”

Gandolfi: ” I had nothing better to do” ” No I really wanted to be able to help people and the inner workings of the eye’s intrigued me, so I used both of those things and chose optometrist.”


Q: How long did it take you to decide you wanted to be an eye doctor?

Swafford: ” I figured it out pretty quickly, about halfway through my freshman year of college.”

Gandolfi: ” 15 seconds.”


Q:  What Made you decide to start your own optical? Wasn’t it easier to work for Wal-mart optical?

Swafford: ” I was at wal-mart for six years, and we realized we were going to have more freedom to choose products that would work for patients then we currently had.”



Gandolfi: ” No one will really do what you think is worth it unless you are able to tell them with confidence what its worth is. That isn’t something we could comfortably do at Wal-Mart, so we opened our own practice to be able to keep up with newer technology and always be able to tell our patients with confidence that the lenses they are wearing are the best we’ve found.”‘


Q: Why did you choose this location?

Gandolfi : ” I left that up to Swafford, he knew we had enough patients that would want to follow us that we wouldn’t want to go farther than they were able to travel.”

Swafford : ” We wanted to stay close and we had a non-compete that said we had to be at least 1 mile away, we are 1.2 miles away. That way we could stay as close to our patients as possible while still allowing for new patients to be able to find us as well.”


So with all of this information, I’ve learned a couple of reinforcing things that i already knew, one being that Dr. Swafford really is a kind heart, while Dr. Gandolfi is a bit of a smart A**. With all of this in mind did you learn anything you didn’t know before? Do you have any questions you’d like asked? If so you can come in anytime and we would gladly answer them for you.