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High Definition Lenses

A brief description of the types of high definition lenses we highly recommend at My Eye Xpert in Gurnee.


Our packages for single vision wearers have been upgraded to have two different digitally surfaced lenses. The Hoya Single Vision iQ is a backside digital lens that provides our patients with a natural, sharper view of the world around them.  The Hoya iD Single Vision uses their Integrated Double Surface design technology to personalize the lens on both the front and backside for maximal clarity and eliminating distortion in all areas of vision.



Our progressive lens packages are for our patients who notice that they are switching between distance glasses and readers. Whether you are a first time progressive wearer, or someone who’s had multiple pairs, we’ve chosen lenses for you to use that will make your transition into them as seamless as possible. The Array VL is a backside digital progressive lens. It is compatible with different anti reflective treatments, as well as the latest in photochromic options. Our customized progressive lens, the iD Mystyle 2, is dual digitally surfaced for clearer vision, lesser areas of soft focus, and the closest to your natural vision. Our measuring device, the Spectangle Pro, utilizes various measurements, as well as previous prescription, and a patient’s lifestyle, to create a personalized lens, specifically made to fit each patient’s needs.

This is achieved in many different ways:

Taking eye dominance and frame positioning into account when surfacing lenses also makes it possible to achieve the best possible vision at all distances.

Measuring a patient’s wearing habits, such as their particular reading distance, is calculated into the prescription to offer the best progressive experience available today.

Lastly, Asking what the patient is going to be using the glasses for, whether it be computer, driving, sports or gardening, these uses can all determine the fit of the lens for the glasses.


Lenses are a very necessary and personal choice. My Eye Xpert in Gurnee, Illinois has the experience to guide you toward eyewear selections that are comfortable and that work to complement your face. For help, schedule an appointment with your eye care provider and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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