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Why not shop online?

So you’ve gone to your eye doctor and gotten a prescription! That’s great! You’ve done the first step to getting new glasses! But now its time to go take a look at the frames. You go to look and you see the prices, that’s you think to yourself “my god, I can get them cheaper online”. And it’s true just like everything else, glasses and contacts can also be found online. There are dozens of retailers out there online that can give you cheaper product, but remember with most things in life you are paying for what you get.Image result for error signs



When we say this we aren’t just talking about the product itself, but the service as well. When you shop online you are taking the risk of your product not coming back as you wanted and that if this is the case that you may not be able to see clearly. Just because you have a script doesn’t mean that your measurements are going to be taken correctly or that they will be placed correctly in the frame itself. There are a great number of things that can cause a correct prescription to not feel or seem correct when looking through it in a pair of glasses including but not limited to , Pupilary distance isn’t taken correctly ( either the near was taken when it should have been the far or vise versa), for progressives it could be the seg hight (the point at which the intermediate and reading area starts) was placed to high or to low, it could even be something as simple as the type of material used for your lenses to begin with (some people are more sensitive to different material types than others), and this can cause a distortion feeling or headaches if used for to long. There are also things like Anti-reflectives to take into account, there are dozens of different ones and depending on what you need your glasses for certain ones are more important than others, but without an optician to help you decide what is best for you, there is the possibility of choosing the wrong products.



Another thing that could cause an issue is the size of the frame itself, some prescriptions have certain limitations when  it comes to frames, and while your optician is able to help steer you clear of these, you may not know what they all are and therefore could choose one that may cause issues of its own. For instance, if your prescription is to high of a minus power and the frame you choose is to large that can cause things like, the glasses to continually slip down your nose, the temple or cause pain behind the ears, your face to look shrunken behind the lenses (a common problem for higher powered prescriptions) and while we are more than willing to try to help with these issues, you then run the risk of the frame breaking upon us trying to adjust any of these problems or it being something we can’t actually fix.  In a recent study, researchers discovered that nearly half of all glasses (44.8 percent) ordered online either contained an inaccurate prescription or didn’t meet safety standards designed to protect the eyes.

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So let say you get the glasses and all of  the measurements are correct and the frame fits just fine and you love them, but them about 6 months later the temple comes off and you cant fix it at home. you bring it to us and try to find out if it can be fixed, only to find out its not the temple but the spring in the hinge itself that is broken, that is an unfix able point. You have to them find out what the warranty policies are on these glasses through the site you bought them from.  Places like Warby Parker are extremely popular, however they only have a warranty for their lenses and they are very strict with this warranty, it has to be an AR (anti-reflective) scratch or they will not replace them, their frame policy is considered case by case so there is no guarantee that you would even be able to get that replace, on eyebuydirect, there is a 14 day warranty, if they break outside of that time frame they do not do warranty replacements because of customer damage, they will give you a 15-20% discount on a second pair but they will not replace them under warranty.


When you shop in store, you get the benefit of having an optician walk you through frames that will best compliment you, lenses that will work for what you need and want, and glasses that will have at least a 1 year warranty, and depending on what you go with some have 2 year unlimited warranties. In most case you are also helping a small business owner, because at the end of the day these are mostly private practices, that depend on the business that you bring in.


So at the end of the day, no matter where you choose to get your glasses from always remember that they are part of your vision, a big part, so when deciding what to buy take your vision into account and make sure you get exactly what it is you need.