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Does my Child need an eye exam?

So your school said your son or daughter needs an eye exam, or maybe you’ve noticed so!ething that makes you question if they need glasses. Either way your looking for an eye doctor to see your child. This can be hard and confusing for you and your child , they may not understand or they may be scared. If any or all of this is true then the easiest thing you can do is talk to them.

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But maybe you don’t know that they should expect, and you don’t want to tell them the wrong thing and make them even more unsure. Well look no further we can exaplain the process so that both your child, and yourself are reassured.


When to get an exam.

Are they 3 years of age or younger?

They need an eye exam. Every child should have an exam by the age of three. Now in our office we can do the exam but we know of pediatric opthomolgists who are better equipped to help you. So don’t hesitate to ask where you should go.

Is your child 4 or older?

We can easily help out and you can make an appointment any time.


Does your child seem to have trouble focusing, do they get headaches, do they not like reading?

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes these are signs of needing glasses.


What to expect in an eye exam.

When you first come in for your appointment you will be checked in and offered to look at glasses while you wait to get taken back. Your Medical technician or pre-tester will be prepping your child’s file for the doctor. You and you child will then be taken back and the pre-tester will thenImage result for autorefraction patient image hot air balloon ask you questions about your family history, your child’s medical history, they will ask if the are taking any medications currently, and they will do an acuities  test, which really just means they say how well they can see some numbers or letters. The final thing they will do is an auto refraction, they have your  child look at a hot air balloon and that will give the doctor a rough draft of  a prescription if your child has one.

After this room depending on the doctors office and the age of your child there may be some photos or scans the doctor would like to take to make sure the inside of their eyes are healthy as well. this photo allows us to look at their optic nerve and macula, along with the tissue in the eye and the veins as well.


What if they need glasses?

After you see the doctor and he/she tells you whether or not they need a pair of glasses, you will then be shown to those same frames and you and your child can choose from any that they like. Once you have chosen a frame your optician will then go over lenses with you. Children under 18 unless there are specific reasons will always be put into a poly carbonate lens as it is shatter resistant and scratch resistant. For children with higher prescription there are thinner lenses to go with but your optician would be the one to ask about that. A good Anti glare is also good for kids glasses as it helps them see past the light glare Image result for reaction times with anti glarefrom over head lights in school and from the sun when out on the playground, as they get older and are learning to drive it helps with their reaction time when the sun is out and from other car lights at night. various things to consider on their glasses are transitions, which would help them with a pair of sunglasses as they cant just put on the ones from the grocery store anymore and they do need protection from the sun, warranties in case they break or scratch their glasses and need them replaced, and possibly doing a cheaper second pair so if they do break or scratch them, they aren’t without glasses during the remake process.

How much will it cost?

A children’s  eye exam all depends on if you have insurance or not and what your insurance says the copay’s are, our suggestion would be to call the office, ours or anyone that is closer to you, and ask directly so they can tell you what to expect cost wise. Glasses are also dependent on insurance and prescription so giving you eye doctor office a call is the best idea.


Remember if you need anything else give us a call and we can answer your questions.